Decline of Shortwave Radio spreads global conflict

Decline of Shortwave Radio Spreads Global Conflict

In a brilliant essay about exactly how the decline of shortwave radio spreads global conflict it reminded me of several points. The reality that most people seem to forget is that within minutes the Internet and cellular communications can be taken down. What is going to happen if that happens? In the cases where it would be done you are most likely going to want to get in touch with family.

If you do not have plans it is imperative to get your plans in place as when it happens it will not be the time to get it working. This is just one of the things that should be on your mind. The other thing that should concern us is the loss of information dissemination. Currently people gather a lot of information from the internet, but we certainly can not depend on the media to broadcast the real news.

There was a time when people used to depend on the VOA to get information. One of the beauties of shortwave is that you can listen without transmitting your location. This is a great help when you want to compare the two sides like the communist viewpoint and the democracy viewpoint. The decline of shortwave radio spreads global conflict because no longer are people getting both sides.

These are some of the reasons that shortwave communication needs to continue. It is important to keep up to date and listen to all sides. There are some important things that you can do to improve your communication plans. I like to listen, but you can also reach out and touch someone with ham radio.


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