Your ancestors drank raw milk

Ancestors drank Raw Milk

For many of us within 1 to 3 generations your ancestors drank raw milk. Pasteurized milk did not become prevalent in this country until the last 100 years. Here in North Carolina we used to be a milk producer and now we have become an importer.

Thomas_Jefferson_garden_at_MonticelloStates like North Carolina are suffering from becoming a milk importer. I know the Ultra Pasteurized milk is very accommodating to shipping as it seems to last forever. One thing that seems to have no factor in the milk supply is taste. I guarantee you that a glass of milk from Mapleview Dairy will be better than most grocery stores.

There has been a ton of articles discussing the benefits and disadvantages of raw milk. I do know that my ancestors drank raw milk from the family cow and did not suffer from a milk sickness. In most states a black market for raw milk has even been created.

Instead of letting milk sales go under the table I think we need to look at it a new way. Allowing raw milk will allow the small farm innovators loose and allow them to add another income stream for the family farm. I am certain that allowing people a choice in their milk would be a good thing.

Not everyone would choose to drink raw milk and that is ok, but there are some that would love to purchase. It would allow them to establish a relationship with a local farm. Those relationships are what once allowed this country and state to prosper. Those relationships are what can bring us out of this downturn.

I know that with the economic and legal handcuffs removed from the small farmer that they will be able to satisfy the demand for raw milk for all those who chose to drink it, turn it into cheese, make yogurt, or butter. Imagine all the industries that can be launched and supported by allowing raw milk to be sold.

There would be those that are against this proposal for health reasons and those for big business reasons. I say let the small farmer innovate and see what happens. I know my ancestors drank raw milk and I would at least like the choice. I encourage all the legislators to give the small farm innovators a chance and help turn this economy around.

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