Wise Corporate Decision

Wise Corporate Decision

I was reading a article and was surprised by a wise corporate decision from Kroger of all places. This is refreshing to see in today’s world. That is a smart move to not make employee’s confront a legal gun owner and ask them to leave without spending money. It is a very safe bet that the legal gun owners are not a risk.

It is a shame this group of Mother’s is not very bright. They should stop protesting the legal carry of weapons and start focusing on the criminal elements that are breaking the law by carrying. They would rather break the law and cost the Corporation and the customers money.

I wish every one of these Mother’s that would even think about leaving a full cart would instead go to Chicago. That would be a wise corporate decision by dropping them off without a weapon in some of the neighborhoods where all the criminals behave. Everyone knows that city has the strictest gun control. Oh yeah Chicago also is the murder Capital of the United States. That might not work out so well for them.


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