What are your tangible investments in this changing world?

Tangible Investments

I was reading another great article by Patrice Lewis about her tangible investments. It caused me to think about what are the tangible investments that we make. It seems like whenever I use money it never seems to go as far as it did the last time. I will not even mention opening the pitiful retirement portfolio. As she mentioned in the article it is time for other areas.

While I would love to have a dairy cow there is not enough room for cows at our homestead. That is one reason that we have focused on chickens and rabbits. They are smaller and much more manageable on a smaller scale. I can still see the tangible investment whenever we collect the eggs. I often wonder how we got so detached from this lifestyle.

This lifestyle is not for everyone, but what are you doing to not tie everything up in dollars that keep losing their purchasing power. The tangible investments can be almost anything. The ammunition that you could have purchased 2 years ago will cost you more today. Perhaps that is where you are investing. Feel free to share with the rest of us what your tangible investments are.

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