We’re here from the government and there is no inflation!

No Inflation

The official numbers for January came out and according to the same government that preaches depend on us there is no inflation. Do not pay attention to the prices that you are paying and the incredible shrinking food sizes because the price increases are imaginary. Now in the defense of the numbers gas prices spiked in February. I mean really we were only paying $3.44 per gallon here in North Carolina at the end of January.

Since the official story says there was no inflation I wonder how the government calculates the cost of a can of tomatoes that was purchased at the store. The cost was the same as it was in December, but the can went from 15.5 ounces to 14.5 ounces. Now that can still costs $1.39, but in my book that is inflation. How much you want to bet that is not reflected. It leads me to wonder what other prices are hidden in the official no inflation.

If you believe the official numbers I have some ocean front property in Arizona for you to buy. There is a lot of stuff that Washington puts out that I do not believe. What other things do you consider as fiction that comes from Washington? More importantly since there is no inflation the plan needs to be what we can do to prepare for whatever may come our way. The time is near for preparations to be done.

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