Weather Radio Reports

Weather Radio Reports

Chances are no matter where you live there is an old saying that if you do not like the weather then give it thirty minutes. Another popular saying is to look west and see the weather you will have tomorrow. That is easily done with weather radio reports. No matter what kind of reports you are looking for there is a radio format.

For as long as I can remember the NOAA weather reports were broadcast from the nearest National Weather Service office. These are very useful to get the latest weather and plan what was coming. They were critical before embarking on a sailing adventure so you knew what to expect. They are broadcast all over the United States on the public service VHF band. They can be found at one of the following seven frequencies that is in MHz.


You can pick up a dedicated radio to get those, but of course if you have a Amateur Radio license then most likely you have one or four different radios that can pick up reports.

If you already have a ham radio then you have another great tool to determine the current weather and what is likely to come your way. For instance many people here believe that whatever weather happens today in Atlanta, Georgia will be here tomorrow. Utilizing the radio I can learn exactly what the weather is there with live reports.

Just today I heard live weather reports within 90 miles of the snow flurries flying. I was then able to hear the different weather conditions all over the country. Without having to do any more work I enjoyed a conversation with a gentleman in Denver Colorado and they are expecting weather in the 60’s this weekend.

All this is possible via the weather radio reports. I will take live reports over a station almost any day. Sometimes having a live human doing the weather reporting is better than seeing what the conditions are. The beautiful thing is that there is no equipment outside my control to gather the information.Weather radio reports can be priceless in some cases.

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