We need more Thomas Jefferson gardens

Thomas Jefferson Gardens

We need a return to the Thomas Jefferson Gardens. As I talked about before I believe we are headed for a Thomas Jefferson agrarian society. Last week I mentioned that you should prep what you eat and that certainly applies to your garden. We can not get there without changing our ways due to the following three reasons.

Thomas_Jefferson_garden_at_MonticelloThe first reason is the homogenization of the seed supply. Did you realize that Thomas Jefferson had over 250 varieties of vegetables in his gardens at Monticello. He was a Scientist as well as a gardener. The Thomas Jefferson gardens were full of varieties that they grew for taste and enjoyment. In today’s world often the seed varieties are picked based different factors like how the transportation to market or quick growing or even germination rate. A lot of times the taste and location specific growth are ignored.

These choices in the modern seed market are why some people complain about a lack of taste. There is a growing movement for heirloom tomatoes and chances are you have tried one. By loosing the heritage of regional seeds and variety we endanger our future food stocks.

The second reason that we must make a change is evident in the treatment of farmers by Monsanto and other food companies. In the end Percy spent over $200,000 and the Canadian courts upheld his rights. I would not expect the same treatment in United States courts. There is a reason the companies are promoting hybrid seeds. Seeds saved from that plant will not be a s good as the original plant. If we allow the seed companies to control the seeds they also control the pricing and distribution. Our ancestors would not even understand why we would be purchasing seeds.

The last reason that we have to change is the purchasing of seeds in general. Seeds have been something that has been passed down and traded with neighbors for thousands of years. Okra, which is a tough seed, was brought over from Africa. The beauty of God’s design is that the seed we save is grown in the conditions that you are gardening. If you plant a tomato plant and successfully raise it to the point you can get some seeds then you know it can tolerate your environment. This also has the added beauty of being resistant to local problems and hence have better stock for your area.

The ability to have better seed that you control is vital. All of the prerequisites need to be adhered to to ensure no cross pollination if you are saving seed. The ability to grow a better fruit or vegetable and save a seed from it that is free and is suited to your location is important to maintaining the right thing for a Thomas Jefferson Agrarian society. I can promise you that in the Thomas Jefferson gardens these things were vital.