Oh! The consequences if you forget the VIP Duct Tape

VIP Duct Tape

One of those moments hit me this evening as I thought I was lacking in VIP Duct Tape. A VIP is one of those very important preps and I certainly think that Duct Tape qualifies. We have been having some unseasonable weather. Since we had a mild winter and were trying to skip Spring I guess a few cold days is acceptable.

These cold days of course came right after I moved the three week old chicks into their chicken tractor. I went ahead and put a light on them and instead of putting up the winter plastic over the windows I opted for Pizza box tops. These of course were attached via duct tape.

This worked well for two nights and then I had to prepare for a third night. Where did the extra tape go? Luckily my wife brought out another set of rolls that we have stocked up. I am not sure if my home improvement repairs can stay the course without duct tape.

What happens if you could not go to the store and get some more. They make it in a wide variety of colors so when you patch your shoes chances are it would match. Don’t laugh as I have had to do that while camping. It works wonders and keeps your foot dry.

We know that it will keep things dry, but what other uses can you use Duct Tape? Patching your tent or BOB? How about putting some on a radiator hose to get you to where you need to be with some water left in the system.

Enter a comment below letting us know what your survival use would be. Hopefully you feel like me and already have the VIP Duct Tape. If not perhaps with the comments we can persuade to include it in your preps.


Oh! The consequences if you forget the VIP Duct Tape — 2 Comments

  1. I mix between Gorilla and Duck brand tapes.
    Gorilla is waterproof a bit more than Duck…however, your question asks for uses:
    Tent repair
    Shoe Repair
    Emergency Cordage
    Backpack and pole repair
    Hold tarp out so I can tie it off
    and the list goes on.
    Great post! And it definitely is a VIP.

    • See I did not know the difference between Duck and Gorilla. I always seem to use generic or Gorilla! Thanks for the comment!