Top 5 Viewed Articles from August 2012!

Top 5 Viewed Articles from August 2012

Today I wanted to recap the top 5 posts viewed in the month of August here on the blog. Thank you to all my readers who visit regularly.

As of this point I have not accepted any advertisements or been compensated in any way with the exception of several books and other knick knacks for contest giveaways. I will be sure to let you know if that ever changes.

Thomas Jefferson Agrarian Ideal

This post combines my thoughts and views about where we are headed as a country with some insight from Thomas Jefferson and Joel Salatin.

Direct Current Flounder Lights

This is a great recap of the benefits and energy analysis to implement DC Flounder lights. I look forward to more details on the actual implementation and some of the other lighting work I have been up to.

Using chickens to build rich soil

This was an article posted this month that shows the benefits of using a chicken tractor. It gained a lot of steam when Todd over at the featured it.

The Prepper’s Trilogy by Ron Foster

This page was a contest entry thanks to the generosity of Ron Foster at and it continues to bring viewers every month. I know that Ron has a lot of fans as he delivers solid stories that teach a lot. I am also proud of the visitor tips as they are very useful to anyone needing to prepare.

Keeping a Weather Journal

This is all about the history and trends that need to be recorded. Join in and see what kept Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson busy and why the modern day meteorologists in all of us still need it today.

I hope that these recaps of the Top 5 Viewed Articles from August 2012 brings you some solid reading material. Hopefully it will be the catalyst to get going on some of your overdue programs. Please let me know what your top 5 articles would be.

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