Top 5 things that brought search visitors to the site!

Top 5 things

It is always interesting to me to see how people will get to my site and what terms they use so I thought I would share the Top 5 for November.

  1. Flounder Lights
  2. Liberty Training Rifle
  3. Canning Collards
  4. How to build a grist mill
  5. diy firestarter

This proves that it is a diverse group of things that people are searching for. Hopefully people got the answers that they were searching for. If not I welcome people to leave a comment and let our diverse readership to weigh in and comment.

I find it really interesting that in the last week I saw a search topic rocket towards the top. It was coming on strong but not quite enough to make the top 5 so I given the time of the year is real Christmas trees.


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