Time to retire the New Hampshire State Motto

As another presidential primary ended in New Hampshire yesterday I can only look at the results and say it is time to retire the New Hampshire State Motto. Officially it is Live Free or Die, however based on the last several cycles that does not apply to the candidates that are winning.

I am not sure anyone that truly believes in the state motto can say Donald Trump or Senator Bernie Sanders fits that bill. Oh well on to the next big thing this time in South Carolina. There is certain a different element in this years cycle.

If you are not familiar with Senator Bernie Sanders all that needs to be said is that he is a self admitted Socialist. That does not exactly live up to the New Hampshire state motto. Time to man up next time New Hampshire.

At least with the business mogul Donald Trump you can get behind the free part. He is going to encourage that the government gets out of our way and is going to make American great again!

Beware the newest formulation coming to a state near you. Iowa and New Hampshire are safe for now. Evidently the 2016 version echoes that is it time to retire the New Hampshire state motto!

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