Time Flies gives us reminders

Time Flies

The reality if you did not read my lost my mind post is that time flies no matter what is on the schedule. Fortunately I have gotten some writing in on a novel that will most likely never see the light of day. The other beneficial thing is I was able to slow down and get some time spent hunting.

This is a great reflection time for me and I treasure it even if I am not successful. There is something rejuvenating about spending quite time listening to the wildlife and observing. It is as peaceful as time spent on the water. It certainly is refreshing to actually harvest one.

It was extra special as I had my son with me and it felt great to harvest some meat just like men have been doing for thousands of years. We had a wonderful meal with some of the venison and he mentioned how fun it was.

That was the perfect transition into how even in today’s world we still go out and hunt and bring the food home. Most of the time it is to do a job and get paid so we can purchase groceries at the store. That is modern society.

As time flies by we still need those times to reconnect with time honored traditions. It is important to do that and teach our children those ways. There may be a time when we need to revert back to our forefather’s ways. Would you be ready. Hurry up time flies by quicker than we want.

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