The Thomas Jefferson Man

The Thomas Jefferson Man

Imagine my surprise reading a great reminder of the Thomas Jefferson Man that so many people do not see. I will have to go look for more of Dr Clyde Davis’s work as he seems to have hit the exact realities of who he was. We have talked about many things from Mr. Jefferson here and I personally have been enamored with him since I was a little boy.

There is nothing more admirable than young people growing up and realizing a retired politician who quietly retires and live under the same laws they put in place. That fits Mr. Jefferson to the core of who  he was. When he got back to his beloved Monticello and Virginia he never left. He did not feel the needs to run around and be the center of attention.

That is something more politicians should take in mind. Heck first some of them need to learn about the word retirement. Mr. Jefferson was careful not to talk publicly about politics once he was done. He never was shy about sharing his feelings privately. He was a voracious reader and writer.

It is through these readings and writings that we see clarification in the ideals and views of Thomas Jefferson. It was a great reminder to see the Thomas Jefferson man that was talked about in detail. If more people understood him we would be in a better place.

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