The Journey Home by Michael Baron

The Journey Home by Michael Baron

I am confident that if you have ever had a loved one diagnosed with¬†Alzheimer’s that you will enjoy The Journey Home by Michael Baron. The author does a wonderful of crafting a story about four individuals. It is well developed story that will leave you feeling appreciation for the times that you have with someone.

Morrow_mountain_20061020The first two cast of characters are a man that wakes up in his late 30’s and can not remember much of anything. He just knows that his wife needs him and he to figure out how and where to go to get home. He has a young boy as a travelling companion.

The second set of characters are a woman that has Alzheimer’s and is living in an assisted living facility. She is still grieving over the separation from her long time husband who passed six years ago. She is joined by her son who is recently divorced and jobless. He learns to deal with his mother’s conditions and finds that bonding over things they did in the past is therapy for the both of them.

I would recommend this book to anyone. It is especially touching to anyone that has experienced a loved one suffer from the effects of Alzheimer’s.


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