Tassimo Barcode Coffee Brewer

While watching television we saw a new commercial for the Tassimo barcode coffee brewer and I quickly commented that now we have to rely on a barcode to brew coffee.

tassimo barcode brewerThis follows on to a conversation we had on a recent camping trip about the lost art of a percolator to brew coffee.

The insatiable demand for a quality cup of coffee in the United States has been a huge growth point for companies. The research and development to deliver a single serving has been tremendous. I admit I was initially skeptical when I heard about the Tassimo.

It appears that they are using Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes to control the time of brewing, amount of water, and the temperature.I would encourage them to explain the reasoning behind the differences in an effort to educate people.

After looking at the product niche they are trying to fill I understand the benefits. However I do not believe I will ever have the Tassimo barcode brewing system or anything else similar in my house any time soon.

The importance of a good cup of coffee has many tangible benefits, but do we really need yet another product that takes the artistic skill out of our hands and delivers it via technology.

While our household is not following the trend of the United States by purchasing ready made products I still believe that this system has a negative impact on future generations.

This system is dependent on buying small serving sizes and using electricity to brew a cup of coffee. The old fashioned way of brewing coffee has not been surpassed by the new technology. It was truly a skilled craftsman who could percolate a cup of coffee.

Many people that are under 40 may have never had a cup of coffee from a percolator much less a good cup. If the person brewing was any good the taste and richness was often unmatched.

The true art of using a percolator is the ability to use it without electricity if needed. No matter what the environment a skilled brewer can make good coffee.

The person credited with inventing the percolator is Sir Benjamin Thompson as a result of abstaining from alcohol and a dislike for tea.

While technology can be a good thing I believe that the percolator has stood the test of time over the 200 years it has been around. I challenge that we should not let another treasure be lost due to the sake of simplicity and convenience.


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