I am not sure where the time has gone and now the it is Summertime! If you look at the calendar the official start of Summer is still almost a month away. Americans have to get a jump on everything and indulge a little earlier so we consider Memorial Day Weekend the unofficial start of Summer.

It seems like I have not had a chance to write much on here and the Posts certainly reflect that. It has just been a busy year and the Family has required more important things then writing Posts. I will say we had a great Weekend. We did celebrate Memorial Day the right way.

It is imperative to teach the children why the flag is at half staff until noon on Memorial Day. It is an honor given to those who paid the ultimate price! There have been a lot of blood spilled for freedom and unfortunately the sacrifices are not done as more blood will be spilled fighting to remain free.

It is days like yesterday that we honor those sacrifices in the past and make sure we instill in the future generations the true cost. It can also be an important Family time.

porkloinAs you can see some of our Family time was spent eating food off the grill. That is OK as there can be good times around that practice and memories made. Time is precious and so is freedom. As we kick off another Summertime let us remember the value of both. Cherish it, Nourish it, and be willing to sacrifice for it!


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