Stonewall Jackson Black Sunday School

Stonewall Jackson Black Sunday School

There was a lively discussion the other night and it ended with the knowledge of Stonewall Jackson Black Sunday School. One of my treasured friends is a Civil War buff and very intelligent about the subject. Another dear friend there is from the south. Imagine the surprise when he admitted he was not aware of the efforts by Thomas Jackson.

For those others that may not know. The background on Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson is a pretty good tale. The man came from very humble beginnings and his leadership traits should be emulated more often as we have talked about before. One of his core beliefs was in predestination.

Stonewall_Jackson_Stain_GlassOne wonders how someone could be a man of God and believe in slavery. Stonewall Jackson believes were that a slave was destined to be a slave. Only God could change that. There is little doubt that Mr. Jackson treated his slaves in a Christian way. He went further than others of his time.

Stonewall Jackson Black Sunday School was started at the Lexington Presbyterian Church sometime around the fall of 1855 and May 1866. Not only did he teach slaves and freed black men about the scriptures he also taught them how to read and write, which was a forbidden thing at that time, so they could understand their destiny.

Leave no doubt as a Godly man he also would have taught them about their role as slaves or freed men. He took this class upon his shoulders and engaged his wife. He was a large financial contributor to the Sunday School class. The joy in this effort was reflected in letters home while away at battle.

Many of his letters mention to his wife Anna mentioned the Sunday schools class and often included money to ensure that it kept going. This was standard procedure for something that Mr. Jackson cared for.



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