Solar Flare Preparedness is crucial

Solar Flare Preparedness

The recent news shows that Solar Flare Preparedness is needed right now. We are currently in a 2 year peak of solar activity of our sun. A coronal mass ejection (cme) can contain enough equivalent energy to one billion hydrogen bombs. What do you think that would do if it hit earth?

solar_flare_preparednessWe can look at some history as the largest solar flare to hit the earth was recorded in 1859. It was reported that it contained enough energy to cause fires at telegraph stations in the United States. It also increased the Northern light effects to enable people to read newspaper with just the ambient light.

If that cme hit earth in today’s time there would be widespread problems. We are much more vulnerable 153 years later. I covered 2 things to do when electricity out happens. If a cme like 1859 happened I would expect the power grid to be out for an extended time.

I would want to make sure that you have water and lights. As we talked about before there is a reason to have alternative lighting. The whole reason for preparedness is to be ready for many different things. Solar flare preparedness is part of being a good Boy Scout.

The success of your preparations is dependent on not only money but also practical knowledge. We have lost the knowledge of what it is like to live without power. If our world was suddenly transported back to a time without power it would be a time of great pain.

Our preps would help ease the pain. You can buy a lot of things to help out, but like anything in life if you do not practice it will be difficult. The wrong time to learn how to do something is when you are under stress. If we are sitting in the dark I would not want to learn how to trim a wick on the kerosene lamp.

I encourage everyone to get ready now. Solar flare preparedness is just one thing that can make our life easier. There are many scenarios that could play out. We may never see an issue with the electrical circuits due to a coronal mass ejection, but there is a possibility we will.

There is one guarantee that if we got hit with one that was as powerful as the 1859 Carrington event there will be widespread death and turmoil. It is up to you to prepare your family and loved ones as best you can.


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