Seven Days can make all the difference!

Seven Days

There is a lot that will happen over the next seven days. This week has been drastically changed for anyone that has encountered the effects of Hurricane Sandy and the cold front that has come through. There are many reasons that we will all get through the next seven days no matter the circumstance.

The American Spirit will shine over the next seven days no matter where you are. If you are in Elkins, West Virginia even though the amount of snow before Halloween is not normal you will get by. The amount is something that you have seen before and you will get through this time as well.

Just like the people in West Virginia will get through so will the people that are without power from North Carolina all the way to Connecticut. The impact of Sandy will no doubt be discussed for generations as people have recovered, but we have to press on like the countless people have learned that make a living on a sandbar.

Those generations of people that have lived on the Outer Banks of North Carolina can tell you many stories of salvaging the materials from ships claimed by the Graveyard of the Atlantic. We saw another victim this week off the North Carolina coast. God speed to the two that were lost and kudos to the Coast Guard who once again showed their prowess and skill set in facing tall odds.

There will be long odds for some precincts to have the polls open on election day, but once again the American Spirit will come shining through. Election Day will happen and we will have the opportunity to show the world once again that no matter what the American people will decide on election day who they choose to represent them.

The next seven days will help remind the world how might we are. Perhaps I am missing something, but I have not seen the offers of assistance and relief funds come streaming in from around the world for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Don’t hold your breath for that. Despite the odds the next seven days will remind us of the American Spirit and how we press on.

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