Seven core areas of Preparedness

Seven Core Areas of Preparedness

There are seven core areas of preparedness that if you have taken care of will be a comfort no matter what happens. I was reading another excellent article by Patrice Lewis about preparedness and found myself agreeing.

The first thing that we need to establish for some people out there is what is a prepper. Survivalblog’s glossary defines it as slang for a prepared individual. I guess I have always tried to be a prepper since my Boy Scout days.

The Boy Scout motto is to “Be Prepared” so that means all preppers are being a good Boy Scout. The things that you can prepare for are varied and you can never be totally done getting ready.

Even if you have all the materials and gizmos you still need the practical knowledge. As technology changes you have to continue to keep up. The worst outcome for being prepared? You have a supply of goods and the knowledge how to use them up.

The seven areas that Patrice mentioned are as follows: Food, Water, Heat, Lights, Sanitation, Medical, and Safety. You can see we have a diverse list and something that needs to be worked on. I can honestly say I need improvements on all 7 areas.

There are some key provisions to remember in preparedness. Redundancy which is cleverly reminded by one is none and two is one. Always have a backup and preferably at least three ways to get something. We will continue to look at some of these areas in the near future in more depth.

If you are new to the preparedness game it may seem overwhelming. One of the best ways to learn is to sink your mind into the Survival Fiction genre. Today we have a free book give-away in that genre. Ron Foster has penned the trilogy that tells a story while teaching about preparedness.

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