Seed Saving

Seed Saving

We have talked before about buying seeds but there is an art to seed saving! If you do not have experience with it where would you ask questions? Not everyone can ask an expert how to do it much less possibly trade some seeds over a geographic area.

Speaking of a wide geographic area I was listening to the TAPRN net on 7.242 MHz last night and guess what the topic was. I was able to listen to actual experience and ask questions from a wide variety of people in the Southeast. Being able to gain knowledge from Florida all the way to Tennessee and Virginia and everywhere in between is great and is invaluable for seed saving.

In other words it was just another night on my media list. Have you made your plans to stay in touch? I offered 3 ways to get alternative media outlets and how to gain knowledge. If you are not working on those then perhaps now is the time.

If there is anyone that has any questions about these topics or need some good places to get started please let me know. The world of radio and direct contact with people will get your seed saving started quickly. Nothing will grow like a true seed that is localized for your area!

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