The Sabre Rattling and Hiding it should not come as a surprise to anyone!

Sabre Rattling and Hiding

It is not a shock that information would break after the election that Iran fired on one of our predators and kick off a new round of sabre rattling and hiding. The fact that it happened on November 1st and we did not hear about it until November 8th proves the fact that we have talked about before to not believe the hype.

MQ-1 PredatorWe are under a constant barrage of misinformation and are only told when the it suits the powers that be. The interesting thing that I read in the story is that we are sticking with the fact the we did not violate the 12 mile limit thus we did not invade Iranian air space. Imagine the outrage if someone violated what we claim as a 200 hundred mile limit. I promise you that we could consider it a hostile intent for a surveillance aircraft to be that close to out coastline.

The reality is that this instance is just another instance of misinformation and sabre rattling and hiding. In this day and age of 24 hour news coverage this information was hidden for 7 days because they wanted it too be hidden.

One thing I want to make clear is this would not have changed the outcome of the election one bit, but remember the manipulation that is being portrayed by this information.

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