Rural Broadband

Rural Broadband

As someone who prefers to live in a rural setting there is one desperate need in the modern economy and that is rural broadband. In many places it is almost non-existent or very slow. This is a huge disadvantage to those trying to leverage a modern economy in a rural location.

I was reading a fantastic piece about the trouble with the FCC Rural Broadband Experiment program. They pointed out a legitimate problem that obviously the Federal government does not understand. You need to have the local banks of the community involved not the Top 100 banks.

Does it surprise you that that FCC would miss on the rural broadband experience? It should not come as a surprise to anyone that understands the misdirection in Washington. They may have never wanted to support the rural communities and that qualifier was thrown in to ensure that it would not happen.

The reality is that if rural broadband can be put in place effectively you all of a sudden offer a great chance for those that prefer that type of lifestyle. You can have the room and comfort found in a rural environment and still enjoy the latest in this modern world. It has a way to break down the barriers.

If the FCC wanted to really make a difference they would remove the Top 100 banks qualifier for the rural broadband program. This change would allow the local banks to invest in the companies that can deliver the modern economy to a rural area.

This is one way rural communities can be transformed and the rural lifestyle can be enjoyed by many people and yet still have the benefits of the global economy.

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