Return to the Food that defined generations

Return to the Food that Defined Generations

No matter what area you are talking about there is little debate that certain regions elicit thoughts of certain food and there it a movement to return to the food that defined generations. Here in the South people have always had a fondness for good cooking. One of the things that few people know is the success of the Rice plantations. There was a thriving rice trade in the Carolinas.

carolina_riceThe rice that gained notoriety was called Carolina Gold. Through hard work and the patience and diligence of people there is enough seed that has been saved to bring it back from the existence of extinction. There are many other things that used to be grown in the South before falling out of favor for modern food.

As we have talked about before there is a need for artesian wheat that is keen to growing in your area. This is part of the regional differences that make food taste different. It is no longer acceptable to just pick up your random flour off the store shelf and make a loaf of bread. The best loaf demands that you use a wheat that has been grown in your area.


Yates Mill

The reality is that it will do better when grown in your environment and then you only have to get the grist mill running to grind it out. It does require a little extra work, but the taste will be worth it. It is necessary to help return to the food that defined generations.




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