Retail Sales show the true disaster!

Retail Sales

Those of us living in reality know this but some people need proof of the horrible retail sales to understand how bad it is. The rumors out of Walmart is that they have had a bad start to the year. The official numbers will come out Thursday, but for those participating in the real world already know how bad it is.

The bad news comes every time you have to go grocery shopping and see rising prices and smaller sizes. Don’t pay attention to that as the official government numbers show there is no inflation. This comes from the same government that does not have to pay their own fuel bill. This year we saw the rise in gas prices before Presidents Day and not the traditional run up before Memorial Day. The summer season may be tight this year.

If gas prices continue to climb this year the summer season will be spent at home. So if the nation’s largest retailer is struggling that does not bode well for the consumer. I don’t think it is because consumers all of sudden are on a anti-walmart rally. This means they are not spending.

If they are spending there are other ancillary businesses that will not get money. What are you going to do if the retail sales keep falling? What are your plans to deal with it. I am certainly not making plans to wait on Washington. Time to get ready and stock up however I can.

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