Reading the weather animals to see when the first frost will hit!

Reading the Weather Animals

The days show that Fall is here and we are busy reading the weather animals. I know there are many parts of the country that may have already seen the first frost. We are still waiting on it here. It historically averages October 30th around here and it appears so far this is one that will fall on the average. There are numerous reasons to pay attention to this and make sure that it does not happen by surprise.

The very first thing is turning off the automatic waterer for the animals so that we do not have leaks as a result of a freeze. This usually means that the chore time will increase, but it will save time in the long run. It also means that we have to take precautions for any mothers with Babies. This year the only ones that have this issue are the rabbits. It is always good to make sure any new mothers have the instinct to keep them warm.

One thing that does not need to keep warm is the collards. They always taste better after a good frost. This is always a good time of the year as it is time to refresh the pantry with canned collards. The restaurants will soon be filled with collards on the menu again. The fall vegetable garden should be kicking in high gear now with good results.

The results are expected to be top notch in the garden and for the animals. It will be interesting to record the actual date in the weather journal, but if you are reading the weather animals you can tell that it is soon coming. My tastebuds can not wait.

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