Radical Christian defined in Radical by David Platt

Radical Christian

What is a Radical Christian? David Platt does an excellent job of informing the reader in his book Radical. People that call themselves Christians would like to believe they follow his teachings. Are you ready to give up everything for him?

Radical Christian Cross from OcracokeThe Radical Experiment is something we plan on doing in the year 2012 that is soon approaching. I love books of this type. You know while you are reading it that the person is grounded in their faith.

There are two resounding points that stick with me from reading this book.

  1. In South Korea you may be woken up at 0300 in the morning by the sounds and light emanating from a stadium not for an athletic event but from faithful worshippers. That is a telling statistic for the sports obsessed United States.
  2. No matter where you are at in life or what your resources you have you can make a difference in the world from wherever you are. This has been told countless times by the Bible and others, but it still is important to be reminded of that. God is awesome and powerful and if he is behind you there is no door that can not be opened.

    Radical Christian David Platt

    Courtesy of Amac87

The author did a great job explaining his reasoning and the motivation behind his viewpoint. I could imagine myself being part of his Secret Church and benefiting immensely from it.

I would encourage anyone that is looking to read a good book to challenge what you are really living for to pick up a copy. I also would like for everyone to join my family and countless others participating in the Radical Experiment in 2012.

  • To pray for the entire world
  • To read through the entire Word
  • To commit our lives to multiplying community
  • To sacrifice our money for a specific purpose
  • To give our time in another context


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