Prime Sheep Available Now!

Prime Sheep Available Now

There is little doubt left in my eyes that there are some prime sheep available now! The events that took place in Boston certainly painted a picture. The reports out of DC that people gave up fundamental inalienable rights and there is no concern should not be shocking.

I can only imagine the trouble I would have gotten in if I was greeted by Armed Officers demanding to search my vehicle for no reason. The reality is that no one should have given in and allowed them to see the inside of their trunk. No one wants to support a bank robber, but then again there should be limits about the powers of law enforcement. If we adopt the attitude that if we are doing nothing wrong it is OK to aid the officers wishes then we have failed.

It is not a far leap to take that and say if you do not consent then you must be guilty. The next step is to be presumed guilty before a trial. Now all of a sudden there is no reason to have a trial as if the government says you need to be charged then go ahead and lock you up now. This is not the way this country is founded.

We have come a long way and much of what made America what it was has been taken away from us. There is no doubt that we can get back to what made this country the greatest in the history of the world! It is about getting the government out of our way and removing the shackles from our job creators. By letting the government continue the trends that they have done over the last 100 years we will make progress.

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