Preparing to barter is a skill you have already have!

Preparing to barter

It may come as a shock to some people but almost everyone is skilled in preparing to barter. If you have ever carried government currency then you have bartered. You have just done it with certified value. I say a certified value with the two exceptions being counterfeit money and the reality that here in the United Stats the constant printing of money only certifies that the money today is worth less than yesterday.

Since our money is worth less everyday thanks to Helicopter Ben Bernanke and his printing press. That is not worth debating evidently so perhaps the dollar you made today goes as far as it did 20 years ago. Think back to the time when you were a child. Back when things were simple did you ever trade baseball cards back and forth? Perhaps you bartered for that one baseball card and gave up something else that you valued. Boy Scouts often will trade patches and uniform items and the price is agreed upon depending on value.

This is the same value appraisal that is done every day when you pry that government issued currency out of your wallet or purse and pay the store for that item you want. Ultimately you decide of the barter value. Preparing to barter is really something that we do everyday. Just make sure you tell the government that you are going to do it without their “certified” currency. They have to get their ransom after all.

There may come a time that their exorbitant ransom helps cause it all to finally go over a cliff. That is when preparing to barter will take on a whole new meaning. That is when you will dig out your bullets, silver coins, rubbing alcohol and whatever else you think people will want to trade for.

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