Preparation Time

Preparation Time

I was reading a wonderful editorial about an impending catastrophe and realized a few things. It is past preparation time, however if you are not fully ready there is still time. The reality is that most people will never be ready.

If you are looking for a magic time to arrive and declare you are ready it will never come. You can take numerous points out of that article and dissect them and have in depth conversations for many days. The reality is I will pick two and show you how it will get worse. There is still preparation time left.

The article talks about the education portion. Despite where you fall on the spectrum most will agree that it is not getting better. I for one have talked about in the past what the current goal of education in the United States is really about. The reality as this article talks about is the ever increasing cost of an education is tantamount to keeping the pyramid scheme going. Without paying the prices you can not be educated in many people’s opinion.

The other key cog that I took out of the editorial was the piece about increasing food costs. I have talked about that numerous times and the reality is whether you are talking about peanut butter or meat prices the cost always seems to go up long term.

The reality that this editorial brings home is that nothing is going to change until we stand up or the pyramid scheme collapses. The prices of food will continue to go up as well as education costs. The preparation time that you can begin now will only benefit you as no matter what happens the return on investment keeps getting lower.

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