The power bill reflects the Dog Days of Summer are here!

Power Bill Reflects

We knew it was coming but still the power bill reflects that the dog days of summer are here. Our largest power bills are always in the summer months due to the use of the air conditioner. I have yet to carry out the threat of actually turning it off, but it may come soon.

When the temperatures are above 100° and the humidity is high I would not turn off the air conditioning if possible. There are things you can do to lessen the load. Turn off the lights and learn to deal with the ambiance of low lighting. How many people actually learn to turn off the television and play a game with their family or talk?

Goal Zero Guide 10 portable solar kit panelWhile you are entertaining yourself the old fashioned ways there are ways you can incorporate new technology with saving money. You can bet that we are charging as much as we possibly can through our new solar system. We have plans to upgrade and make a smaller system that will replace more of the everyday use. Perhaps we will have that in place for next summer.

One thing that you can do immediately and does not require any investment is using natures clothes dryer. We have talked about it before, but there is nothing better than clothes dried outside and the cost is free. Why would you not be using that. It is better for your clothes and it does not raise the heat and humidity in the house.

backyard clotheslines_Wooden_clothes_pinThe key is trying to reduce the heat and humidity that you add to the house. The modern residential air conditioning system is typically not designed to keep up with a 35°+ difference in the outside air and inside air. The important feature is to not add to the load as much as possible.

I know for my future summer plans I want a larger solar system, more LED lights, and a more air conditioning friendly housing situation. What about you what are your plans to reduce usage?


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