Sometimes you have to piggyback preps so that you can get by!

Piggyback Preps

While times are tight it is good to piggyback preps as much as you can. This will let you get the proverbial bang for your buck. This sometimes can help you with those big ticket items. I know for my household the pressure canner is one of those. Not only are we able to preserve some of the abundance of crops, but it also lets you save money ahead of rising costs.

There are many benefits to saving money and being able to piggyback preps serves as the justification to go ahead an pull the trigger. It has paid off for us in with the All American canner. What other areas can it pay off with. If you need filtered water or a cleaner water then the Berkey water filter may be the reason to get one so it can work for you now and in the future. Clean water is essential during all times.

Another thing that is essential at all times is a source of bread. It has earned the alternative name of the staff of life. A grain mill is a high dollar item, but if it allows you to have a better quality of flour at a cheaper price than it may work out to piggyback your preps. There are numerous ways to do it and this just highlights two of them.

What are some of your thoughts on piggyback preps. Feel free to share them with our readers via the comment system. We always welcome reader feedback. We really appreciate those that have signed up for our email updates. Please let us know your piggyback preps so we can all learn and improve.

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