Oregon Trail Wii Review

Oregon Trail Wii Review

This Oregon Trail Wii Review is a departure from the normal Saturday book review. Well it is the last Saturday of 2011 and I have not been reading much this week due to the holidays and playing this game.

Oregon Trail Wii Review Front Cover ArtThe family has been enjoying playing this game. Hopefully the Oregon Trail Wii Review will help other people decide if they want to get the game. I know one of the primary factors for this game to be in our house was the history aspects.

While the game has been around in many forms for 40 years I have never played it. What better platform to experience this game than the Wii. Many people complain about the graphics on the Wii, but this game shows that it is a viable platform. They look good and contribute to the story.

One of the main things that we have enjoyed is the gameplay. Actually being able to drive the buggy has kept the 5 year old entertained. We also have made it a requirement for the 7 year old to stop and read the Narrators stories.

There are three stories that you have to follow and while we have not finished one story completely we have finally gotten a wagon through to Oregon City. What fun it is to hunt, fish, forage, and trade all during the game and I think it is handled well.

The other main thing that we believe is handled well and accomplishes what we wanted out of this game is the history. It is a great way to introduce what the pioneers went through. You can imagine the horror when one of the children died. It was a good thing that it did not happen during the first game. A programming note to all adults do not name the family after your own as that could be bad if one of the family dies.

That is the unique part of this game. We have had more conversations this week about Indians, wagons, sickness, food gathering than we normally do. It is a great launching pad for the education of children. They get to play a fun game and learn at the same time.

The Oregon Trail Wii Review can be summed up very simply. We have loved playing the game as the gameplay is fun and the history aspects plant a seed in children to learn more about this important event in our history.


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