NSA Snooping

NSA Snooping

As we get ready to celebrate our Independence day and the NSA snooping really has us questioning if we truly live in the Land of the Free. The following article is very long, but gives a great overview of the NSA and the man in charge. NSA Snooping led by General Keith Alexander. I would encourage you to review it now.
After reading that article we should really question our priorities. Senator Rand Paul made headlines when he filibustered in the Senate over the potential use of drones to strike in the United States. The reality that comes to light more and more everyday is that it is entirely possible.

Whoever thought this would be possible in the land of the free and the leaders of the free world. We are certainly not leading by example by trading freedom and liberty for the illusion of security. The reality is that 237 years ago 56 guys risked it all for a lot less transgressions.

While we are getting ready for our parades, ball games, apple pie, and fireworks that are all part of a traditional 4th of July celebration here in the United States please remember the sacrifices that have been made.

We should not allow the NSA snooping and it is past time to rally behind leaders like Senator Rand Paul and other freedom loving people and live up to the ideals and vision that our Founding Fathers laid out.

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