Normal is gone and we somehow have lost our way!

Normal is gone

Somehow someway normal is gone and we are no longer in the United States of America. This was a nation founded with the belief in God. We have somehow lost our way and decided that more government is needed in our daily lives.

I was reading yesterday a story from rural North Carolina about how a four year old was told her Mommy did not pack a good enough lunch for her. The story goes that a state inspector is inspecting lunches packed by the parents to determine if it meets USDA guidelines. They even charged her for it when this bureaucrat determined that it was not good enough. People of course are outraged, but I think they are mad about the wrong thing.

What is the four year old doing in a public school? I have no doubt it is the government indoctrination program known here in North Carolina as the More at Four program. A program that is designed to get students ready for the public school system that is so fundamentally broken that we can not even adequately measure results for it. You want to measure results of the public schools? Talk to the employers and people that interact with recent high school graduates.

The majority of interactions will convince you that the system is fundamentally broken. No longer do we actually equip students with the ability to think. We just throw more and more money at the system that basically has rewarded the memorization of a test. The long term comprehension is almost non-existent. The students concept of history is appalling. The biggest question that we should ask ourselves is why we think it is acceptable to inspect lunches. How dare they question the parents authority.

A lot of professional educators will tell you that parents no longer support the teachers but I think this articulates that the system no longer supports the parents. We have fundamentally broken the system that God has designed for us. Normal is gone and we no longer respect the family system or the design that God gave us.

This is why we think it is acceptable for government agents to raid small farms as we talked about yesterday. We no longer think God’s design is good enough. We must improve upon it by cooking the milk. It no doubt can kill bacteria, but as a country founded on the beliefs of inalienable rights granted by God for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, how have we allowed this to happen. Normal is gone and we have replaced it with a sad broken system where hardly anyone supports the Constitution.

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