No excuse for raising taxes ever!

No Excuse for Raising Taxes

There are many reasons for this thought, but here is one that got my blood boiling and proves there is no excuse for raising taxes ever. The pig is bloated and that goes for the Federal, State, or local government. Imagine the generally left leading Capital Broadcasting featuring a story about illegal immigrant and tax fraud. We have all heard stories about it happening and we know there are millions of illegal immigrants here.

This was not a good day to air the expose as a young 12 year old child was killed while getting on his school bus this morning by an illegal immigrant with no operators license. The business that provided the van should be OK though as he had a Mexican drivers license. There are simple laws that law abiding citizens try to uphold because that is the right thing to do and the Bible tells us to follow the law of land.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannySince we implicitly allow them to violate the law and stay while in many cases try to give them free healthcare, tuition and Food stamps why would we expect them to follow the tax laws. The reality is that the IRS will go after evil people that make too much money and steal it and redistribute it to illegal immigrants.

This redistribution is blessed by the government as there is no investigation even though there are hundreds of returns filed with the same address. Try that one on your tax filing and see how quickly they audit you. This is a clear violation of the Constitution and shows that the Federal government is derelict in one of their Constitutional mandates of securing the border.

Since the Federal government is derelict in their duty and the State and local governments are complicit in the fraud as well this is yet another example that there is no excuse for raising taxes. They already have enough they have just misapplied it. One day it will be up to the Patriots to resolve this issue and it sure will not be by raising taxes as the pain is already too much.


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