The NC Regulators were the original Revolutionaries

NC Regulators

Before the events on Concord Green the NC Regulators took up arms against the crown. It was to fight unequal taxes, bad government, and freedom from a distant seat of power.I want to reflect very quickly on these events. Does it sound familiar to anything we have seen today?

I would say that the distance from Central North Carolina to New Bern, which was the seat of the colonial government, was actually farther than North Carolina to Washington DC in today’s time. We can see a lot of the NC Regulators reflection in the modern day Tea Party movement.

Let us hope that latter will have a better outcome than the NC Regulators. That insurrection was quickly quashed and the remaining people seemed to leave the state for better opportunities.

I do find it interesting that Governor Tryon immediately hung one of the leaders of the NC Regulators without a trial and without waiting. Kind of gives you some insight as to what the NDAA act can do here in modern America.

It is time for our local an state governments to stand up and say no more to Washington. The power is in the people and the states can carry a big stick to ensure that their citizens are not trampled.


The NC Regulators were the original Revolutionaries — 2 Comments

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