Morningland Dairy suffers from the Milk Stormtroopers!

Morningland Dairy

The milk stormtroopers have taken another dangerous raw milk producer down when they finally got Morningland Dairy. Ignore the personal destruction of the family and business this action has led to greater safety for the American Public. This is more important that stopping terrorists from entering our country illegally and the prevention of anyone getting harmed by the raw milk products is a higher mission.

We should all feel safer now that this family business has been effectively put out of business. They continue to comes at us from many sides and angles. We give a little every time whether it is for perceived safety, for the betterment of society, or because we have nothing to fear if we are doing nothing wrong.

There is a systematic plan to destroy this country and they are caring it out. When have you reached your point of no more? The folks at Morningland Dairy have lost your fight and now it is on to the next systematic destruction until we are totally submissive. You have been warned!

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