What better way to celebrate than a Memorial Day Picnic!

Memorial Day Picnic

It is as American as Apple Pie, but a Memorial Day Picnic is a great thing for a celebration. We gather to remember the sacrifices made for Freedom and Liberty by those proud Patriots. We honor their memory and service and what better way than paying homage in a grand old tradition.

The traditional picnic items for me on a Memorial Day are Hamburgers, Potato Chips, and Strawberry and Blueberries on a white plate. Other than possibly Independence Day there is no other holiday that warrants red, white, and blue like a Memorial Day picnic.

What traditions or picnic items do you like to have. Perhaps some potato salad? Fried chicken does well too. I can even make room for some apple pie.

I know I plan on celebrating with a big ole American burger and we may even may make some homemade ice cream. Does it get any better than that or any more American?

We owe it to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. It started way back with the Regulators and continues to today in Afghanistan. It is incumbent on all Americans to pay the respect necessary to these great Patriots.

What are your plans to honor the folks that have served? It is a great day to take a break and rest. Do not worry about things and enjoy yourself while respecting the sacrifices made for that enjoyment. There will be more days to prepare for whatever is coming our way.

Today let us strive to make it an All American day and I can not think of anything better thanĀ  Memorial day Picnic. The only way it gets better is if you are able to attend a parade. Another great option is to visit a national cemetary and help put flags out on all the veterans graves. What a beautiful site to see Old Glory waving!

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