Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Today is a day we honor those who paid the price for freedom. It is Memorial Day 2016 and it is so much more than a cook out or a weekend at the beach. There is no doubt that freedom is not free and many brave men and women have paid the price for our freedom. Today let us honor those on Memorial Day 2016.

I know for me I will never forget or honor them. The President can go on his apology tour and that will not change anything for me. The tradition of celebrating those that died fighting for our honor started as a celebration for those brave men that died during the War of Northern Aggression. We shall never forget those that fought in that war.

Many folks were impacted by World War II and the brutality that brought the United States into the fray on that day that will live in Infamy. What brave men and women we had that went ashore on D-Day or waded through the Pacific surf as they took the fight to the Japanese.

The war to end all wars did not last and we lost more men and women on the frozen grounds in Korea or in the jungles of Vietnam. Lately our battles have been waged in the mountains of Afghanistan or the sand in the Middle East.

No matter where they died or what war they were fighting our brave men and women deserve the recognition. Without their sacrifice we would not see the Stars and Stripes waving in a gentle breeze. There is no greater symbol of freedom and only one place on earth that is a shining example.

Thank you to all the men and women that sacrificed so we can enjoy our freedom. May we honor them with our choices and not casually accept future sacrifices that our made!

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