The Med still matters!

History lesson needed as the Med still matters

It seems that perhaps our current President either does not understand or perhaps does not care but the Med still matters. The Mediterranean (Med) Sea has been a very important body of water. Does anyone not believe that the Russian will finally take over Ukraine as fighting continues.

While the fighting continues in the Ukraine there is word that the Russians may be making a deal for a base in Cyprus. This is important and shows they still understand the need for a base in the Med. It is a projection of power point and one needed to ensure access from the Black Sea. Part of that requires access through Turkey.

Is it no wonder that Greece and Turkey are on shaky ground as well. Our options are limited, but there is no doubt the Med still matters. Any question should be out of anyone’s mind just by the actions of the Russians. They are merely repeating over what many historians feel is 5,000 years of history.

This started with the very early Egyptians and Hittite empires and continued through the Greek and Macedonia empire. Finally the Romans and Ottoman battled until we get to the modern era. Then the European powers had major influence throughout the area and it was a major focal point during Word War II. Just as it has mattered back then the Med still matters. The President of the US just needs to find out why.

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