Long Lines Await at Ferry Terminals

Long Lines Await at Ferry Terminals

It appears to be a colossal failure and the long lines await at ferry terminals on Hatteras and Ocracoke Island. As relayed by informative Ocracoke Current. This certainly shows that this is not the Army Corps of Engineers of Robert E. Lee fame. He helped reroute the Mississippi River and he may not even been capable of keeping the short ferry route open.

ocracokeferryThis all started last fall and finally the NC Dot was able to get a longer route open, but even now before the peak season there is a considerable wait. There is no doubt that as the summer season hits long lines await at ferry terminals. There is nothing the Ferry division can do if their best Captains can not safely take the shorter route.

This shorter route is the one that they have been dredging since last fall. Rumors abounded that the channel was filling in as quickly as they dredged it. This is a reality of the natural patterns on the Outer Banks but the endless budget and modern engineering that the Corps of Engineers offers an alternative. This summer the people that will pay are the residents and visitors to Ocracoke Island. There is no doubt the long lines will cut into the tourism.

There are other issues besides tourism that are affected. We have to come to a realization that the blank checks will have to end. It is time for the hard decisions to be made. We can no longer wait on Washington to do something. It is time for the leadership to come from Raleigh. If they fail to lead then long lines await at ferry terminals.

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