What are your plans for livestock containment now and in the future

Livestock Containment

Anyone that has experience with livestock know that one crucial preparation is livestock containment. What are your plans to deal with it in the future? Different livestock requires different fencing and ways to contain them. What will work for goats will not necessarily work for sheep. Cows are fairly easy horses are a different subject.

Right now you can go to the local store and get he materials needed for fencing. If your livestock out the majority of time it does not cause too much damage. If the economy gets much worse the livestock will take on more value and the return is less likely. What happens if you can not go to the local farm supply and get the materials for your fencing?

These are things that must be taken care of before things get that bad. Part of farming with livestock is always tending the fences. Having the replacement materials on hand makes it a lot easier to quickly fix the break. It also tends to being more proactive if the materials are on hand.

What are your goals and plans for your fencing? Once you have it written down you can then put a plan in place to make sure that it gets done and the resources allocated. I strongly encourage you to not delay as the materials will quickly disappear.

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