Sandy bringing a lot of reminders of life without power!

Life without Power

The Northeast is dealing with life without power after Hurricane Sandy. As we have talked about in the past we have lost a tremendous amount of knowledge of living without power. The longer the power is off the worse the behavior will come. Desperate people will do desperate things to survive and the general miscreants will pounce on the opportunity. How will the law abiding citizens deal with life without power?

Many prepared people in the Northeast have a generator to ease the pain of life without power. One of the problems that people are learning only four days in are that they do not have enough gasoline to get them through the day. There have been reports of fist fights breaking out in the gas lines if you are lucky to find a station with means to pump gas.

Imagine the breakdown of society in two weeks if this is what is happening after only four days. We have built a society that is dependent on cheap oil. Unless you own a gas station or independently wealthy then expensive oil will force us to undergo some changes. There are many things that you need to adjust for life without power.

The first that we talked about yesterday is alternative heat. The next thing is the ability to prepare food and safe storage of food. This will radically be different if you are not ready. This is one of the reasons that we have been canning food as that will not require refrigeration.

Lamp Lighting Kerosene Lamp

Kerosene Lamp

The other thing that we have been working on is alternative lighting. Whether you are looking at solar power or even an old school kerosene lamp lighting can make a big difference during this time of the year.

What thoughts have you given to life without power? There are a lot of folks in the Northeast that are living that reality now. It is easier to make plans and practice now.

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