The time is now for SC to weigh in on Liberty versus Tyranny

Liberty versus Tyranny

South Carolina goes to the polls tomorrow to decide Liberty versus Tyranny. Barring something unexpected the results will indicate the winner is tyranny.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyI was reading an excellent essay about Political Rhetoric the other night and can not agree more. Tyrannical forces have been in play for many years and it is a concentrated effort to erase the greatest Republic known to man.

I am not sure that there is anything we can do to change the cycle in 2012 except throw our support behind an agent of change like Dr. Ron Paul. It remains to be seen what will happen, but I am reserved to the fact of what it will entail.

The drastic changes that our needed to put this course back on the right course will most likely not come peacefully. As I talked about yesterday there will be pain in the correction.

What can we do as citizens to prepare? The most likely avenue is to start in our own household. Being a good Boy Scout means we need to be prepared. The infamous beans, bullets, and band aids need to be procured now before it is to late.

Some good places to start are by reading preparedness books like the one we are giving away for free. Another good place is to peruse the internet for knowledge. A very social way to learn is by using twitter with the hash-tag #preppertalk.

No matter what the budget is remember that practical skills and knowledge will generally outweigh material things. It does you little good to have things you are unfamiliar with in a heightened state of panic that will be in effect if anything erupts.

Practical knowledge with bullets can be obtained through Project Appleseed. Constant exercise of your 2nd Amendment will ensure that your muscle memory for shooting will be executed without thought.

Storage of your beans will ensure that you are well fed and alert if the need arises. In this society the disruption of trucks running for 3 days would likely be catastrophic. There are downsides to the Just in Time inventory system as evidenced by the automotive industry experience after the Japanese incident and the electronics industry after flooding in Taiwan. Do not be caught without food and water.

The last is the stockpile of knowledge for treating the physical and mental needs of people suddenly experiencing sudden changes in lifestyle. There are many factors that go into this and one that needs to be examined later.

The time is now for South Carolina to choose Liberty versus Tyranny! We will see if they choose tyranny as I expect. If we are surprised or if things do not happen than what have you lost? Being well prepared and knowledgeable saves you money and makes you more valuable at any time or economic condition.


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