Liberty Training Rifle is a key preparedness item

Liberty Training Rifle

Liberty Training RifleThe Liberty Training Rifle should be high on everyone’s preparedness list. There are three reasons why it is an essential item for survival. The general consensus is that either the Ruger 10/22 or the Marlin 795 can be outfitted to be a Liberty Training Rifle.

The Liberty Training Rifle pictured above is a Marlin 795 with sling and peep sights from Tech Sights. It is put together specifically for preparedness. The Liberty Training Rifle is the base for self defense. A situation where supplies are limited and societal norms are out the window will force people to steal. People will try and take your preparations by force if necessary. It is vital you have the training and force to repel them.

One reason the Liberty Training Rifle is a 22 Long Range (LR) is because it is a great round for training. The fundamentals of shooting a 22 LR are the same as a centerfire. There is much more space available to shoot a 22 LR than a larger caliber due to the ballistics. In addition for new shooters the recoil is almost non-existent so it is easier to ensure proper form.

Another huge reason the Liberty Training Rifle is a 22 LR is due to the cost of ammunition. While prices of 22 LR has risen it is still nowhere near the cost of larger caliber bullets. You can typically pick up a box of 500 rounds for $14-16. Comparatively a box of 30.06 for roughly the same price would get you 20 rounds. Unless you are independently wealthy the ammunition cost is huge. The use of a Liberty Training Rifle will ensure that you are able to put a lot more rounds downrange. This practice will help build the muscle memory of marksmanship. It is the training that is put in on a regular basis that will ensure the smooth response if the situation ever develops.

The final reason for the Liberty Training Rifle is because it is the official rifle of Project Appleseed. A non-profit organization dedicated to Marksmanship and American Heritage.

Appleseed_blogThey have specifically geared their program to take marksman of all types and train them over a weekend the basics of marksmanship and American Heritage. The success and skill of the Minutemen guaranteed the Declaration of Independence. It is vital that we pay homage to the skill that granted us freedom.

You may not qualify as a rifleman on your first Appleseed, but if you practice it can be achieved. Graduation from a cook to a rifleman is done by getting a qualifying score on the US Army qualification test. It can be harder than you think.

No matter what your reason for Preparedness one ultimate piece is self defense. A Liberty Training Rifle will ensure that you can be ready. The low cost of ammunition, the perfect training round, and the cheap shooting instruction available via Project Apppleseed begs for the Liberty Training Rifle to be one of your first preparedness items to purchase.



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