When is the best time to learn Country Skills?

Learn Country Skills

I was reading a great reminder that reminded me the best time to learn country skills. I first encountered it while reading over at Survivalblog.com and then Patrice put her spin on it. It reminds me of some issues that we have talked about. We have managed to forget so many skills in such a short amount of time. I am amazed at the things people take for granted.

If you are a urban or suburban person do you really believe that it is as simple as storing some supplies and magically bug out and thrive? A rural lifestyle is hard and takes a lot of applied knowledge to be successful. Is there any wonder why people chose the easy way out and left for a “civilized” life. Typically the latter will involve more pay and freedom to do what you want to do in the free time.

A homestead that is trying to be a self-sufficient lifestyle is not an easy picnic. I will challenge anyone to deal with the pay and work required to make it successful. It is very difficult, but the rewards are well worth it. As was pointed out in the article if you feel like you should prepare for something then there is no reason to not live that way today.

There is something rewarding by providing for a family by the use of your own hands. Establishing a connection to your food is vital and one that will provide your family with the necessary means to survival. If you think the wildlife in this country can sustain the population that we have exploded too then you have a rude awakening coming.

As the country song goes a country boy can survive. There are many that are trained to be a business man, but the ones that always seem to thrive are the ones trained in the skills and practices of the rural lifestyle. There is no shortcut to gaining them and is best served by learning them now.


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