Judge Napolitano nails it as taxes equal legal theft

Taxes Equal Legal Theft

The reality is that Judge Napalitano is a very smart man and he knows that taxes equal legal theft. The government often shows that they do not understand basic economics. The reality is that many people associate taxes as the brunt of being part of a legal society. That may be true, but at what point does it become oppressive. The judge makes some great points in the following video.

There are many that realize that the more you tax someone the less they will work. The communists finally realized that and I am afraid that too many will realize it after the fact here in the United States. The reality is that any involuntary fund seizure commonly called taxes equal legal theft.

The interesting thing to me is why some people support a larger legal theft for those that have more than those that are less fortunate. The sad part if that any theft is wrong, but it certainly should be an equitable percentage I think.

That leads me to the most important point in the whole matter. If God is only asking 10% for everything he has blesses us with than there should be shame in a government taking more than that. I mean that in every form. There should not be a cumulative tax rate larger than ten percent of one’s income. I propose that we flip the incomeĀ  and instead of it flowing from Washington to the states to the local municipalities that we start at the local level.

Perhaps if we reverse the flow then the Federal government will get the message that they have to cut spending. It is important for people to realize that taxes equal legal theft. I encourage the local governments let it be known to the states how it should work. There is a lot more meaning in the state of North Carolina telling Washington no instead of just me.

I take comfort that our new governor is so far making wise decisions and not expanding a broken program just because Washington will fund it for a few years. I hope he continues to work with the Republican legislators to reduce the impact their laws and tax rates have on the people of the old North State. I think we can get there once people understand the relationship that taxes equal legal theft.


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