Improvise Adapt Overcome

Improvise Adapt Overcome

This is a mindset that is prevalent for the United States Marine Corp. Their ability to improvise adapt and overcome have done them well. While it is not as well known as Semper Fidelis it is something that they do very well.

MEU_SAMR_2 There are many reasons the Marine Corps need to be quick on their feet and flexible. A lot of those same reasons are needed while homesteading. Defending livestock and your homestead can put you in some precarious positions. Even on a good day raising livestock all but guarantees that you have to be flexible.

It is important to be creative and roll with the punches when you are homesteading or practicing the same values that permeated the settlers of the this country. We had a full batch of eggs in the incubator and were living by the old adage to not count our chickens before they hatch.

Baby ChickAs you can see from the picture that is one lonely chick. Given the odds you know it will be a rooster. That is just what you have to deal with. We will make new plans and reevaluate what went wrong. There is a reason to use the incubator that God designed. I will take a broody hen over an incubator any day.

There is no easy road sometimes when you take the road less traveled. That is something that you know going in. We just feel blessed that God provides for us on a daily basis. That reminder along with the ability to adapt improvise adapt and overcome are some of the same traits used by my forefathers.


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  1. Another military saying that may apply, I think its from the Rangers:
    “We’ve done so much with so little for so long that now they expect us to do everything with nothing forever.”

    • So true! We are used to working with so little around here! Thanks for stopping by and reminding us of that quote Roger.