Important to know what is prowling around

Prowling Around

I have learned you never know what may be prowling around the house. It is hard to be everywhere and see it all. There are some ways to employ technology to see what is out and about. I have a Trail Cam that got damaged and hence it was put out behind the house to see what was prowling around.

The whole Trail Cam industry has really gotten interesting. You can find game cameras anywhere from $50 to $600. There are many people that are using trail cameras for security as they are “blackflash” and very hard to see.

The average camera that I have employed features a red flash but I do not see where the game minds. To give my readers some insight as to what you can capture please look at the following picture.

Prowling Around DeerNow mind you this was a broken camera. I have been happy with the Primos Truth Cam. I think it provides a good value and accomplishes the job. The only caveat is that it can run through a set of batteries in a month depending how it is set up.

The set up that I typically use in the backyard is to point it towards the garden. Now we have captured a wide variety of animals prowling around. There have been deer, rabbits, foxes, raccons, possums, and the occasional bird.

Now I mentioned this camera was broken and I had misplaced a card that I used in the camera. Well I finally found the card today in another camera bag. Imagine my surprise when I found this on the card.

Prowling Around CatNow that appears to be a big cat. Based of the walking gait and height it would have to be a bobcat. She would have had to be really hungry to be out at that time of the day. The good news is that we have seen no evidence of her being around again.

It goes to show you that you never know what may be prowling around the house. The four legged and two legged variety do not surprise me any more but it is good to know what you may be facing.

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